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E-Commerce is everywhere

E-Commerce (or Electronic Commerce) is everywhere these days.

Whether you want to shop for your weekly groceries, buy a new song or video, or the latest gadget, it is so easy to do if you have access to a computer and an internet connection.

You really can save money by shopping online as most online retailers don’t have the same costs associated with a traditional high street shop or business park outlet.

Do be careful though who you give your card number to, the golden rules are:

  • Check to make sure that you are connected to the online retailer via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), in some browsers, this is signified by a padlock showing beside the web address or the website starts with https:// as opposed to the regular http://
  • Look to see if the website accepts payments from an online retailer such as PayPal, Clickbank or 2CO, this means that you need to register your card details with them, rather than giving them over an unsecured connection, they will then forward the payment to the retailer.
  • Shop with companies you recognize, maybe you bought their products in a store and you got their web address for their online shop.

These tips are only a few in order to keep your financial details safe but are by no means exhaustive, be vigilant and your online shopping experience will be more satisfying.

Brian Collins